Dr. Michael Kokat, founder and owner of Advanced Foot and Ankle of Wisconsin, was featured on TMJ-4s Morning Blend alongside former patient Judy Schweitzer.

Dr. Kokat spoke about the dedication that the doctors of Advanced Foot and Ankle of Wisconsin have to fostering healthy, responsive doctor-patient relationships. Dr. Kokat says that Advanced Foot and Ankle of Wisconsin will lay out all the possible options for their patients. They treat their patients as if it were their own family and friends on the table. And sometimes, patients even turn into friends.

This was the case with Judy Schweitzer. Schweitzer went through a botched foot surgery with a different doctor and for a year she was barely able to walk, the pain was so immense. Within a week of calling Dr. Kokat, Schweitzer said that Dr. Kokat was at her bedside at the hospital and scheduling a surgery to fix what her past podiatrist had botched. Schweitzer stated, “he didn’t stop until I was healed”.

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The two are now great friends, and as Dr. Kokat said, Schweitzer’s husband is one of his best friends