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By Dr. Michael E. Kokat, DPM
January 1, 2021

Last year was a difficult year for all healthcare providers.  AFAW made a commitment to keep our practice open safely for patients who were in pain and we made it through!

After eight years at our Layton location, we are moving to a brand new, much larger office suite in the Loomis Professional Building.  As of March 22, 2021, our new location will be 4600 W. Loomis Road Suite 218, Milwaukee, WI 53220.  This office provides ease of access off I-894, five large examining rooms that give us the ability to perform minimally invasive procedures in the office to help correct a multitude of foot and ankle deformities and pain.  The office itself is clean and new with handicap accessibility, large elevators as well as a sterile brand-new space for our practitioners and patients.

We will also have an MRI imaging modality at the new location which will allow us to take advanced imaging of the foot and the ankle and additional extremities including hands, knees, and elbows.  This MRI is revolutionary in that it is open and allows patients that otherwise could not get an MRI to acquire such imaging.  Patients that are claustrophobic, obese or have had a history of pacemaker or defibrillator can now have an MRI.  In addition, patients that have retained hardware such as plates, screws or replacements can have an MRI and the image comes out clean, thereby allowing us to assess nearby structures.  Other new and exciting developments at the new office will include a digital x-ray that allows us to perform advanced radiographic imaging of bone in the foot and ankle.  This digital x-ray enables us to email patients their images and provide them with discs for ease of use.

The new location will boast a revolutionary 3-D orthotic scanner that allows us to take 3-D images of the foot and the ankle and produce nylon fiber orthotics that have a lifetime guarantee and allows us to make and manufacture 3-D braces.  The scan itself not only allows for 3-D dimensional image, but it also allows us to analyze gait in a static weightbearing sense, and also in a dynamic motion sense giving us a gait analysis.  We can also assess specialized balance and proprioception for advanced athletes including football players who want to squat or basketball players that need the appropriate orthotic and shoe gear.

An additional revolutionary service that will be available at the new location will be a diabetic sock that has Bluetooth capability to monitor live, 24 hours a day, differences in pressure and temperature of up to 1% to ensure that we catch blisters and ulcers before they become a diabetic foot infection.  This enables us to prevent ulcers, infections, wound care, amputation, sepsis and death.  This item will be available to our patient base and new patients in the upcoming months so please stayed tuned and follow us on Social Media.

In conclusion, we are very excited about the new office location.  It is going to provide our patients with a clean, spacious office experience with ease-of-use and allow our practitioners and our patients to enjoy the comforts of personalized healthcare.