Heel Pain and Treatment during Pregnancy

Milwaukee Podiatrists Specialize in Treating Heel & Foot Pain in Pregnant Patients

Pregnancy heel pain treatment Milwaukee

Our foot doctors provide effective treatments for heel pain during pregnancy.

When you’re pregnant, carrying extra weight can cause heel pain or make existing heel or foot pain even worse—adding to the discomfort of swollen feet and ankles.

Heel pain during pregnancy is most likely plantar fasciitis, and you can get effective treatment while you’re pregnant. Our Milwaukee podiatrists have experience helping pregnant patients find relief from foot and heel pain, and can also help you prevent further foot problems during pregnancy.

Why Foot and Heel Pain Flares Up in Pregnancy

When the arch of the foot is unsupported it flattens out, which stretches the plantar fascia (the main ligament on the bottom of your foot which connects the heel to the toes).

In addition bearing extra weight, the ligaments in the feet are affected by relaxin, a hormone your body produces to prepare for childbirth. Relaxin makes the ligaments in the pelvis relax—a good thing when you’re pregnant—but it also relaxes the ligaments in your feet which can cause foot and heel pain, over-pronation (flat feet) and inflammation.

If you sit or lie down for an extended amount of time, inflammation can make fluid collect at the base of the heel. This increases the pain in your heel when you stand up again. As pregnancy progresses and your weight increases, the inflammation can get even worse.

Relief for Heel Pain during Pregnancy

Custom orthotics increase support for the arch of the foot, providing effective relief from plantar fasciitis. Extra support from orthotics prevents the foot from flattening and further stretching the plantar fascia.

If you’re driving or otherwise sitting for long periods, take breaks to stretch and put your feet up regularly. Regular exercise (usually walking) can help relieve pain as it promotes circulation and eases swelling.

Still hurting after trying home remedies? Our podiatrists, including female podiatrist Dr. Nazar, can help you treat or avoid pregnancy related foot and ankle pain.

Podiatry Care Relieves Foot & Ankle Pain Helping You Enjoy a Healthy Pregnancy

Left untreated, foot or heel pain can get worse and lead to strain on your knees, hips or back. Taking good care of your feet, heels and ankles helps you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Milwaukee’s best podiatrists at Advanced Foot & Ankle of Wisconsin can provide fast relief and safe, effective treatment options for all types of pregnancy foot and heel pain.

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