4 Key Benefits of Custom Orthotics

benefits of custom orthotics

Custom orthotics help your feet feel better so you can get back to the things you enjoy.

Orthotics, also called arch supports or inserts, are used to aid people with foot pain. Orthotics can be a very powerful way to change the way that we walk, correct deformities, and keep joints in alignment.

The general concept behind an orthotic is that it can be used to give our feet extra support beyond the ligaments and tendons that are already doing that job. For instance, for those with painful flat feet an arch support can help take the strain off the tendons and ligaments that hold up the arch.

Custom orthotics are very different from the shoe inserts available in stores or the "custom" inserts you get at the mall.

The benefits of truly custom orthotics include:

Foot support exactly where you need it

Those insoles from the drugstore or mall are mass-produced, while your feet are unlike anyone else’s.

Feet are very complex – each foot has 26 bones and more than a hundred muscles, not to mention tendons, ligaments and blood vessels.

All day, every day your feet support and balance body weight, often in worn-out or ill-fitting shoes.

Custom orthotics provide individualized support to correct or prevent foot pain precisely where it’s needed. A solid foundation benefits your alignment and movement from the ground up.

Pain relief & prevention

Custom orthotics can protect against foot ulcers, prevent injury and improve foot function, all of which mean less foot pain. Your feet aren’t supposed to hurt. Orthotics prescribed by a foot doctor address the cause of your foot pain so you can feel more comfortable.

Correction of foot abnormalities

Unlike generic insoles, prescription orthotics can correct foot abnormalities like pronation (collapsed arches) and supination (high arches).

Custom orthotics work even when one foot has a different structure than the other, restoring balance and keeping foot problems from getting worse.

Better health

When your feet feel better, your whole body feels better. If foot and ankle pain is keeping you from being active or getting enough sleep, custom orthotics can have a positive cascade effect on your whole health.

Will your feet benefit from custom orthotics?

It all starts with getting to the bottom of your foot pain. During your evaluation, an experienced podiatrist will listen to your symptoms, examine your feet and answer your questions.

It’s important to have your feet and ankles properly evaluated so that the right treatment plan is chosen. Call or contact one of our five podiatry clinics to request an appointment with a foot and ankle specialist.

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