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Whether your hip pain started in your feet or was caused by an injury, we can help.

Now providing hip replacement and arthroscopy for our Milwaukee area patients

Advanced Foot & Ankle of Wisconsin now treats hip pain caused by sports injuries, arthritis, bursitis or simply wear and tear.

Milwaukee orthopedic surgeon Dr. Isidoro Zambrano is a top rated Wisconsin hip replacement surgeon specializing in anterior hip replacements, hip arthroscopy and meniscus surgery.

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Types of Hip Surgery for Fracture

The type of hip surgery used to treat a fracture of or near the hip depends on the nature of the injury, the forces involved and how the surrounding bones and soft tissues were affected.

The three most common kinds of hip fracture are:

Intracapsular fractures, where the bone breaks below the ball of the femur (thigh bone) or in the “neck” of the femur.

Intertrochanteric fractures, where the fracture occurs between the greater and lesser trochanter (the inner and outer bony protrusions near the top of the femur).

Subtrochanteric fractures, where the bone breaks below the level of the trochanters but still in the upper portion of the femur.

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Our hip specialist will evaluate your situation and develop a customized treatment plan for your hip pain.

Our board-certified orthopedic surgeon and hip specialist will assess your fracture, medical history, overall health, pain level and mobility. He’ll determine the right type of hip surgery which may include hip replacement or fracture repair.

For more information about hip surgery types, cost, insurance & billing and recovery time, please call or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Orthopedic Surgery & Podiatry

Orthopedic hip surgery is a natural fit for our five Milwaukee-area podiatry clinics and team of experienced surgical podiatrists. Pain in the hip joint can be caused by improper biomechanics in the feet and ankles.

Pain, tightness, injury or disease symptoms in the toes and feet can lead to a chain reaction throughout your body. Even shoulder, neck and back pain can stem from the alignment and health of your feet.

Seeing a podiatrist at the first sign of foot, heel or toe pain is the best way to not only feel relief but prevent more serious problems down the road. Whether or not your hip pain was caused by problems starting with your feet, ankles or knees, Advanced Foot & Ankle can help.

Orthopedic surgeon & hip specialist for Milwaukee-area patients

Dr. Zambrano is a top-rated Wisconsin orthopedic surgeon treating patients living in the greater Milwaukee area. Whether you live or work in Waukesha, New Berlin, Pewaukee, West Allis, Cudahy, Glendale, Cedarburg, Oak Creek or any of the surrounding cities, contact us for an appointment to diagnose and treat your hip pain.

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