Surprising Links between Foot Pain & Heart Health

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Foot Pain after Heart Surgery

Many people report swelling, tingling, or pain in the feet following heart surgery. Is it normal, and should you see a specialist?Foot Pain Heart Surgery

Swollen feet following heart surgery is a common symptom. It is usually not a cause for concern, but if the swelling doesn’t subside, or if it occurs with fever or a change in skin color, you should tell your doctor.

Foot pain after a heart bypass may be caused by damage to a blood vessel in the graft leg. Some patients suffer vascular complications from catheterization, symptoms of which include pain in the toes and feet or losing color in the toes and feet. Anyone who has recently undergone heart bypass surgery and notices these symptoms should contact a physician right away.

Tingling or numb feet after heart surgery can be caused by different factors. Taking large quantities of ibuprofen for pain can change your body temperature, giving you constantly cold or numb feet and hands. Side effects from other medications can cause tingling in feet and hands. In some cases nerve damage is responsible for numbness or tingling in the feet or toes following surgery.

Painful or Swollen Feet May Warn of Heart Failure

Shoes feeling tight? Swelling in your feet and ankles can be caused by fluid retention. If your feet are puffy or swollen, it could be a sign of coronary artery disease. When the heart can’t pump strongly enough to carry away waste, fluid builds up first in the extremities resulting in swelling.

If your foot and leg pain causes you to limit walking or other activities, it could be a sign of peripheral artery disease. A buildup of plaque and cholesterol blocks bloodflow through the arteries leading to your feet. Other symptoms of peripheral artery disease include cramps, poorly healed wounds on the feet. Severe PAD could lead to loss of limb.

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