Foot Pain & Diseases

Diagnosing & treating foot pain caused by underlying health conditions

Foot pain diseases

Many different diseases can affect the complex structure of the feet & ankles.

Diseases and other health conditions can cause foot pain when symptoms such as inflammation, neuropathy, infection or other disorders affect the bones, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels or nerves in the feet.

When there’s been no specific injury to the area, patients suffering from pain in the top or side of the foot, the arch, ball of the foot, or metatarsals may wonder how the true cause of their foot pain can be identified and treated.

No matter your foot pain symptoms, our team of elite surgical podiatrists will identify the true cause of the pain and create an effective treatment plan for fast and lasting relief.

Learn more about how certain health conditions can cause foot pain in the articles below, and contact us to request an appointment at any of our 5 Milwaukee podiatry clinics.

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