Cheilectomy to Surgically Remove Bone Spurs

Milwaukee Podiatrists Treat Hallux Rigidus

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Cheilectomy treats big toe bone spurs

Advanced Foot & Ankle of Wisconsin offer cheilectomy, better known as bone spur removal surgery, for our patients. This is a treatment option for those with hallux rigidus, a specific type of foot arthritis of the big toe or metatarsophalangeal joint (MTP).

Bone spurs form at the base of the big toe which physically block the movement of the joint, leading to rigidity and pain. Our podiatrists offer cheilectomy as treatment to restore a full range of motion and stop arthritis pain.

Cheilectomy is ideal for patients with hallux rigidus looking for relief of their foot arthritis. Learn more about this procedure and contact Advanced Foot & Ankle to arrange a consultation.

What Causes Big Toe Bone Spurs?

Bone spurs are bumpy growths along the joints. They can be caused by the spread of arthritis or physical trauma. The bone grows beyond where it is supposed to and forms a lip which then hinders movement. When spurs appear around the joints of the big toe, this is known as hallux rigidus.

Cheilectomy Compared to Arthrodesis

Arthrodesis was once the main treatment option for hallux rigidus. A fusion procedure, it involves the insertion of a bone graft or artificial bone to the affected joints to correct the symptoms of arthritis.

Cheilectomy is a less invasive procedure than arthrodesis and does not require any synthetic bone materials like metal. Once completed, cheilectomy restores a wider range of motion than arthrodesis.

Risks of Cheilectomy: Bleeding and infection are the most common risks from surgery. Arthritis symptoms may return and require additional treatment. Results generally last ten or more years.

Big Toe Stretch

Physical therapy can help improve mobility

Home Remedy for Big Toe Arthritis

In some cases, custom foot orthotics may reduce pain and stiffness from hallux rigidus. Ask our podiatrists about your orthotic options for treating foot arthritis.

Some physical therapy may help improve big toe mobility. Avoiding any form of treatment will allow the bone spurs to grow worse.

Surgery like cheilectomy is recommended if these home options have no or minimal effect. Meet our local podiatrists for more information on treating your foot pain.

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