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Our elite team of surgical podiatrists provides comprehensive foot and ankle care to patients throughout the Milwaukee area from five convenient clinic locations.

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The experienced and caring doctors at Advanced Foot & Ankle clinics will uncover the true source of your pain and create a customized treatment plan for effective relief and lasting results.

Our Milwaukee podiatrists treat patients of all ages and accept many types of insurance. We also offer patient financing through Parasail to make any out-of-pocket costs more comfortable.

Spanish speaking podiatrists in the Milwaukee area

¡Somos bilingües! Our podiatrists offer expert care in English and Spanish.

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Podiatrist FAQS

Are podiatrists doctors?

Podiatrists are doctors with a specialized degree focused on the feet and ankles.

Podiatrists are doctors of podiatric medicine (DPM), also called foot doctors, podiatric physicians, podiatric surgeons, or foot and ankle specialists.

Are podiatrists MDs?

A medical doctor (MD) studies and trains in treating all parts of the human body, and is qualified to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions.

A podiatrist (DPM) is a specialist in the field of medicine, board certified and qualified to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the feet, ankles, toes, heels and related areas in the lower extremities.

Do podiatrists go to medical school?

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Yes. Podiatrists study medicine as it applies to the feet and ankles.

After graduating with a 4-year degree, podiatrists attend 4 years of podiatric medical school which requires taking the MCAT like other medical schools. Like MDs, podiatric medical school is followed by years of residency training for hands-on experience.

Click on a foot doctor above for details of his or her education and residency training.

What do podiatrists treat?

Podiatrists are qualified to medically and surgically treat the entire foot and ankle, including toes, toeneails, heels, and related parts of the leg. Our foot doctors treat patients with wide-ranging issues including sports injuries, arthritis, pregnancy-related foot problems, deformities, gout, and much more.

Contact us for an appointment to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions including: 

Our doctors will take the time to get to know you, diagnose the true source of your pain and treat your condition with the most minimally invasive approach possible.

Can podiatrists do surgery?

Yes, though our podiatrists always try conservative treatments first and recommend surgery only if less invasive methods have failed.

The surgical podiatrists at Advanced Foot & Ankle of Wisconsin are trained in the latest surgical techniques, highly experienced, and capable of performing complex podiatric surgery including reconstruction of the foot and ankle.

Our foot doctors have built relationships with ten local hospitals to make it easier for patients in the Milwaukee area to get the highest level of expertise in podiatric care.

Can podiatrists write prescriptions?

Yes, a podiatrist can prescribe medicine as necessary for pain management and the treatment of foot and ankle conditions.

Where do podiatrists work?

The foot doctors of Advanced Foot & Ankle of Wisconsin work out of five Milwaukee-area podiatry clinics and maintain relationships with local hospitals in the Milwaukee area.

With podiatry clinics in Milwaukee, Greenfield, Brookfield and Burlington, our foot doctors treat patients living in Waukesha, New Berlin, West Allis, FranklinGreendale, Hales Corners, Cudahy, Town of LakeSt. Francis, West Milwaukee, South Milwaukee, Bay View, Walker's Point and the surrounding areas.

Our Podiatrists Take Insurance

Our foot doctors & billing specialists work with you & your insurance provider to maximize the value of your benefits.

  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Anthem
  • Network Health Plan
  • Exceedent LLC
  • I-Care
  • Health Payment Systems (HPS)
  • Children's Community Health Plan (CCHP)
  • Together with CCHP
  • Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative
  • Medicare
  • Trilogy Medicaid
  • Wisconsin Medicaid
  • WEA Trust
  • WPS (Wisconsin Physicians Service)

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Some of the many procedures carried out by our experienced physicians include:

From elderly foot care tips to complete fracture and sprain treatments, our team of surgical podiatrists have got you covered. We treat patients of all ages and offer patient financing through Parasail to make care accessible regardless of your financial situation.

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