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Foot and Ankle Care for Women from a Woman

Not all feet are the same. Especially men's and women's. Men and women use their feet for very different purposes, and women experience a very different set of common foot and ankle problems.

Enough rolling your eyes at male podiatrists who beat the drum and tell you to "just stop wearing high heels" (they just don't get it). 

Dr. Rabab Nazar at Advanced Foot & Ankle of Wisconsin is exactly who you're looking for. Who better understands female foot and ankle pain than a licensed female podiatrist?

How Pregnancy Can Affect Your Feet and Ankles

Most people know that foot swelling is a common problem during pregnancy, but do you know when foot swelling during pregnancy is a serious warning sign of a more serious problem? Pregnancy can also worsen existing foot and ankle problems, including persistent heel pain during pregnancy. Foot pain can also persist after pregnancy, but our foot and ankle doctors can help.

Keep in Step with the Latest Styles and One Step Ahead of Foot Pain

Women who sacrifice comfort for style may experience problems with the plantar fascia, Achilles tendon and neighboring pain in the toes, heel or ankle. Too much stress can lead to injury.

Read on for more information and tips for women who want to keep rocking their favorite footwear with no pain!

Why Women Get More Foot Corns & What You Can Do About It

Milwaukee Podiatrist Specializing in Women's Foot Health Shares Corn Treatment Tips Are painful, unsightly corns keeping you from showing off your feet in summer sandals? If you’ve been hiding your toes in warmer months, you’re not alone. Any podiatrist will tell you women are much more likely to suffer from corns. This is because wom… Continue Reading

Flip-Flops Have Caused Greater Teenage Heel Pain

Flip Flops are a Common Cause of Foot Pain in Young Adults Many of us welcome warmer weather for sporting flip-flop sandals, however, their popularity among teens and young adults is responsible for a growing epidemic of heel pain, according to Rabab Nazar, DPM. Why Flip Flops Cause Pain “We’re seeing more heel pain than ever in pati… Continue Reading

Getting to Know Dr. Rabab Nazar

Introducing Milwaukee's Best Female Podiatrist Take a moment to get to know an important member of the Advanced Foot & Ankle family, Dr. Rabab Nazar! Where were you born and raised? I was born in Dallas, Texas and raised in Glendale, Wisconsin. Dr. Nazar is on your side. Our professional opinion: we wouldn't trust a Bears fan to … Continue Reading

Common Injuries Caused by Dancing

Don't Ignore Foot Pain on the Dance Floor Being ‘light on your feet’ when dancing is not entirely true; dancing the night away can take a toll on your feet and ankles. Both professional and amateur dancers can suffer foot injuries that can stop you in your tracks. Overexertion on the Dance Floor Means Pain in the Foot, Ankle, and Heel… Continue Reading

Morton's Neuroma's Effect on Female Runners

Neuromas Present a Real Risk for Running Women Spring is in the air, and runners are hitting the streets to get back in shape after a long winter. A Milwaukee foot and ankle surgeon warns female runners that the combination of wearing narrow, pointed-toed shoes at work and the pounding their feet from running on hard surfaces can cause Morton's Ne… Continue Reading

Surgery Can Correct Crossover Toe, Keep Seniors Active

Simple Surgery Can Correct Debilitating Toe Pain from Crossover Toe Crossover toe is a common foot problem that can inhibit physical activity for older Americans, but outpatient surgery can correct the deformity and keep senior citizens active and on their feet. Individuals with hammertoes, bunions or a second toe that extends beyond the big… Continue Reading

Old Ankle Sprains Come Back to Haunt Baby Boomers

An Injury from 20 Years Ago Might Not Have Healed! One Milwaukee, Wisconsin foot and ankle surgeon has a message for Baby Boomers getting back into fitness and sports: Get your ankles checked for chronic instability caused by injuries that might not have healed properly years ago. Dr. Rabab Nazar, DPM, says many Boomers who have suffered ankle sp… Continue Reading

Children's Soccer Linked to Ingrown Toenails

Snug Cleats, Repeated Kicking Can Contribute to a Painful Problem Toes and feet can take a beating, especially from sports. Foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Rabab Nazar, DPM, says she treats many soccer-playing children for ingrown toenails. She blames improper toenail trimming, snug soccer cleats and repetitive kicking for creating this painful proble… Continue Reading

High-Heeled Winter Boots Dangerous on Ice and Snow

Licensed Female Podiatrist Discusses Winter Footwear Winter’s fashionable high-heeled boots put women at risk for slips, falls, and injuries on ice and snow, warns foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Rabab Nazar.Popular winter fashion boots typically feature tall, spiked heels and narrow, pointed toes.“Wearing high heels already makes you more … Continue Reading