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Our Doctors
Our Doctors
Michael Kokat DPM Foot and Ankle Specialist in Milwaukee HealthGrades
Dr. Michael Kokat, DPM
Tim Henke DPM Milwaukee Surgical Podiatrist HealthGrades
Dr. Timothy Henke, DPM
Rabab Nazar DPM Milwaukee Womens Foot Doctor HealthGrades
Dr. Rabab Nazar, DPM
Michael Nute DPM Foot and Ankle Doctor in Milwaukee HealthGrades
Dr. Michael Nute, DPM
Romy Patel DPM Milwaukee Foot Doctor HealthGrades
Dr. Romy Patel, DPM
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The wide variety of background, experience, and foot and ankle specialists make Advanced Foot and Ankle of Wisconsin your go-to podiatry clinic for all of your foot and ankle needs.
We're SE Wisconsin's most trusted podiatrists with over 1000 average 5-star reviews.
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Our Partners in Foot & Ankle Care

Advanced Foot & Ankle of Wisconsin works with several important organizations throughout Wisconsin to ensure the greatest care for all of our patients.

Milwaukee Podiatrists - Foot & Ankle Pain Relief & Treatment

Milwaukee's Best Podiatry Team

Our elite team of surgical podiatrists provide expert treatment for all types of chronic or acute pain in the foot, ankle, heel, toes or nails.

Everyone at Advanced Foot & Ankle of Wisconsin is dedicated to providing excellence in care and treating every patient like family. 


We put the CARE back in patient care.

Meet the Best Podiatrists in Milwaukee

If you or a loved one is in pain, don’t put off treatment in hopes the pain will ‘go away on its own,’ making it more likely a more serious problem will develop. Prompt, expert care from our podiatrists is only one click or phone call away.

Choose from four Milwaukee area podiatry clinic locations:

Milwaukee Workers’ Compensation Foot Doctors

If you've been injured on the job and need a workers' compensation foot doctor to treat your foot or ankle injury, contact the caring staff of Advanced Foot and Ankle! Our foot and ankle specialists have successfully treated a wide range of work-related injuries.

Comprehensive Treatment Options for Foot and Ankle Pain


Milwaukee Podiatrist Commercials FOX 6 Milwaukee Podiatrist on Morning Blend Milwaukee Podiatrist Injury Info FOX Sports Milwaukee Podiatrist Appearance on TMJ4 Milwaukee Podiatrist Local Appearance WISN Channel 12

Check out our group of elite surgical podiatrists in local TV appearances!

Milwaukee Podiatrist Dr. Kokat

Dr. Kokat

Milwaukee Foot Doctor Dr. Henke

Dr. Henke

Dr. Nute Milwaukee Podiatrist

Dr. Nute

Dr. Nazar Female Milwaukee Podiatrist

Dr. Nazar

Dr. Patel Milwaukee Podiatrist

Dr. Patel

Founded in 2006, Advanced Foot and Ankle of Wisconsin has since expanded to include four locations and six talented surgical podiatrists. We maintain partnerships with 10 area hospitals to better benefit our patients in Southeastern Wisconsin.

The extensive education, experience and connectedness of our foot and ankle specialists make Advanced Foot and Ankle of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s best podiatry clinic for any foot and ankle issue including cuboid syndrome, Morton’s Neuroma, Charcot foot and pregnancy-related foot problems.

Effective Treatment for Hammertoe Pain

A conservative estimate says around 500,000 hammertoe surgeries are performed each year nationwide, with women making up more than 80% of all cases.

We know hammertoes, and many of our patients are able to find lasting relief with conservative hammertoe treatments.

When non-surgical options don’t help, you can relax knowing you’re in the hands of Wisconsin’s best foot surgeons.

Explore our in-depth articles:

Hammer toe treatment, pain relief, prevention & FAQs

Hammer toe surgery, procedure types, recovery time & cost

The key to REAL relief for hammer toe pain and discomfort is our podiatrists’ expertise and true caring for each patient. We take the time to ask the right questions and listen to your answers, so you feel comfortable and confident from your first visit to your final check-up.

Milwaukee’s Top Surgical Podiatrists

Our surgical podiatrists excel in bunion removal surgery, reconstructive surgery and ankle surgery. Whether you need surgery for a bone spur, Achilles tendonitis or arthritic damage you won’t find a more qualified, caring team anywhere in the state.

Though they excel at surgical podiatry, the foot doctors of Advanced Foot & Ankle of Wisconsin will always look first for the most conservative treatment options to effectively treat your foot pain.

Our foot specialists offer professional consulting and appropriate treatment options for all kinds of foot and ankle pain, including:

Our podiatrists can also help you with preventative foot care, children’s foot problems, elderly foot care, treatment for Freiberg's disease, custom orthotics and foot health advice for the entire family.

Podiatrist Reviews from Patients throughout SE Wisconsin 

Advanced Foot and Ankle of Wisconsin is Milwaukee's premier podiatry clinic, boasting an elite staff of surgical podiatrists with the skills and experience necessary to diagnose and relieve any foot or ankle pain you're experiencing. 

But you don't have to take our word for it:

I was referred to Dr. Nute after a visit to urgent care thinking my foot had broken. After an x-ray showed no issues I went to Advanced Foot and Ankle of WI. It took Dr. Nute about 5 seconds with my foot to know exactly what the issue was. He was so relaxed and relatable it made it very easy to have a conversation about my treatment plan options. The staff was so helpful and efficient in keeping appointments on time. I would definitely recommend Advanced Foot and Ankle of WI.

Dear Dr. Kokat, Where do I begin to thank you for using your God-given skills to repair my poor broken feet. Both my husband and I couldn't believe what a "cute' little toe I now have. My recovery is unbelievable. We both thank The Lord for granting you the skills to help repair HIS broken bodies. Thank you for sharing and using these special skills for us. You've become a special friend to us.

Read more podiatry patient reviews of the foot doctors at Advanced Foot and Ankle of Wisconsin.

YES – Our Podiatrists Accept Insurance

All four of our Milwaukee area podiatry clinics take insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare.

Click for a list of insurance plans and healthcare coverage programs accepted by our podiatrists.

Understanding exactly what your plan covers can be tricky, especially when you need to see a specialist such as a podiatrist. Our billing specialists are happy to look into your plan and explain exactly what podiatry services are covered.

Everyone deserves to have healthy, pain-free feet and ankles. We make podiatry care accessible to patients without insurance by offering affordable patient financing for out-of-pocket expenses.

Schedule a Podiatrist Appointment Today to Relieve Foot and Ankle Pain

You can’t “wait out” foot and ankle pain if you want to enjoy your life. Stop suffering, and request a consultation with an experienced surgical podiatrist at Advanced Foot and Ankle today. We’ll diagnose the source of your pain and provide effective treatment for fast and lasting relief.

When you're living with foot pain you eventually forget what it feels like to be healthy. Making an appointment with one of our expert podiatrists in SE Wisconsin is taking a giant step towards renewing your foot and ankle health!

Four Milwaukee Area Podiatry Clinics Treating Foot and Ankle Problems

With podiatry clinics in Milwaukee, Greenfield, Brookfield, and Burlington, our foot doctors treat patients living in Waukesha, New Berlin, West Allis, Greendale, Hales Corners, Cudahy, Town of LakeSt. Francis, West Milwaukee, South Milwaukee, Bay View, Walker's Point and the surrounding areas.

Take a step towards pain-free feet and ankles by calling 262-763-9007 or contacting a Milwaukee foot doctor today!

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