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When Burlington residents feel pain in their feet and ankles, they don’t always face the problem right away. Yes, having your pain checked out by a medical professional takes time out of your busy day, but the alternative is letting it get worse. Foot and ankle injuries are serious and, at times, painfully complicated. Don’t wait until it’s a crisis you literally can’t ignore—get an expert evaluation from one of our licensed podiatrists and start turning things around today.

Never put off contacting a foot & ankle specialist when you’re in pain – the longer you wait, the more you put your body at risk of being irreversibly damaged. Our experienced foot doctors and staff treat each patient like family, relieving pain and providing payment options and billing support.

We put the CARE back in patient care.

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Surgical Podiatrists Diagnosing Foot Problems from Running, Pregnancy, Workers Comp Injuries and More

When there is something physically wrong with your feet or ankles, you can't afford to let the situation deteriorate. Don’t let a numb toe or swollen ankle go untreated any longer. Compensating for toe pain after running puts a strain on other muscles in your foot not meant for handling extra stress. The domino effect poses a serious threat to your overall physical health – turn to an expert to restore good health to your feet so you can get back to the activities you love!

Contact our foot and ankle specialists today for an evaluation and we'll get you back on your feet!

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Burlington Specialists Offer Relief & Treatment for Toe, Heel, Ankle, & Foot Pain

Right on Echo Lake, along North Pine Street, a team of foot & ankle specialists work together to provide the best foot, toe, heel, and ankle pain relief treatment services in Burlington, Wisconsin. Burlington residents have sought out our toe and ankle specialists for various surgical and non-surgical expert treatment options for their pain. When you step foot into our clinic, your health is immediately our main priority. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with foot or ankle pain resulting from arthritis, nerve damage, tumors, ingrown toenails, gout, bunions, or calluses, Advanced Foot & Ankle of Wisconsin is home to foot pain specialists who provide the highest level of professionalism and caring to residents of Burlington.

The foot and ankle pain specialists in Burlington have experience treating and healing all forms of foot & ankle injuries.

Need to visit a medical specialist? Advanced Foot & Ankle of Wisconsin has experience diagnosing and treating any foot or ankle problem you may have, including:

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Getting rid of pain in your ankle or foot may not require professional attention outside of an initial consultation. You won't know until you learn the source of the problem, and our doctors provide pain relief and treatment recommendations on your very first visit.

If your issue is more serious and requires surgery, rest assured you're in good hands with the experienced, dedicated podiatrists at Advanced Foot and Ankle. Customers all over southeastern Wisconsin report tremendous results and above-and-beyond levels of patient care when they visit our staff of surgical podiatrists.

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