Milwaukee Workers' Compensation Foot Doctors

Podiatrists Treat Foot Injuries, Broken Ankles, and Auto Injuries for Compensation Claims

Injured your foot or ankle at work? Advanced Foot and Ankle podiatrists have the experience and knowledge to help get you back on your feet and back to work within an appropriate time frame.

Our highly specialized surgeons treat a wide range of workers’ comp foot injuries including:

Highly trained and experienced podiatrists help you manage the pain, and provide a treatment plan tailored to your work-related foot injury. We're also familiar with the types of pain common in people who work on their feet, such as hallux rigidus.

If you have a worker's comp claim, we'll make sure your nurse case manager is kept in the loop of patient care, so both your treatment and your claim go as smoothly as possible.

Advanced Foot & Ankle of Wisconsin understands workers’ comp patients may be feeling stressed because of not being able to work due to injury. Our goal is to help you recover so you can return to work safely.

Treating Motor Vehicle Accident Foot and Ankle Injuries

If you have foot or ankle pain following a car accident, you need expert medical help from Milwaukee’s foot and ankle injury specialists at Advanced Foot & Ankle of Wisconsin.

Even if your injury seems minor at the time—such as a bruise, or a twisted ankle—it may develop into a serious and painful issue without prompt treatment. Chronic ankle instability can be an issue after a badly sprained ankle, and our surgical specialists can determine whether you are at risk.

Foot and ankle fractures resulting from car crashes may require surgery to prevent permanent damage. If you have any foot or ankle problems after an auto accident, don’t wait to seek treatment.

Specialists in in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Receiving treatment under workers’ comp requires written authorization from your workers’ comp carrier or employer. Please have prior approval, and have your claim number and remittance information ready when you make an appointment.

If you’ve been injured on the job, trust the elite team of surgical podiatrists at Advanced Foot & Ankle of Wisconsin treat your injury effectively, with lasting results. We understand you want to get back to work quickly, and we’ll treat your foot or ankle problem with minimal downtime.

Contact Milwaukee’s best workers’ comp podiatrists at Advanced Foot & Ankle to schedule treatment for your foot or ankle injury.