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Milwaukee Foot Doctor Notices More Foot Pain in Overweight Children

Podiatry Care Helps Reduce Painful Symptoms and Encourage Active Lifestyles Dr. Timothy Henke says he’s noticing more and more overweight and obese children in the Milwaukee area with foot and ankle pain in his examining room, mirroring a national epidemic of childhood obesity. An estimated 16 percent of U.S. children ages six to 19 are ove… Continue Reading

Why Foot Pain Persists After Pregnancy & What You Can Do

Milwaukee Podiatrists Treat Postpartum Foot & Heel Pain  Over-pronation (flat feet) is one of the most common foot problems experienced during pregnancy. Pregnancy weight gain along with hormonal changes are the main causes of foot swelling, pain in the arches and sore heels. Left untreated, over-pronated feet can cause heel pain an… Continue Reading

Heel Pain and Treatment during Pregnancy

Milwaukee Podiatrists Specialize in Treating Heel & Foot Pain in Pregnant Patients When you’re pregnant, carrying extra weight can cause heel pain or make existing heel or foot pain even worse—adding to the discomfort of swollen feet and ankles. Heel pain during pregnancy is most likely plantar fasciitis, and you can get effective… Continue Reading

Pregnancy & Swollen Feet: Care, Prevention & Warning Signs

Milwaukee Podiatrists Treat Foot & Ankle Swelling in Pregnant Patients Pregnant women need to pay extra attention to foot health during and after pregnancy. Expectant mothers often experience swelling in the feet and ankles known as peripheral edema. Pregnancy can worsen existing foot conditions and cause inflammation or irritation. In so… Continue Reading

Surprising Links between Foot Pain & Heart Health

Foot Pain after Heart Surgery Many people report swelling, tingling, or pain in the feet following heart surgery. Is it normal, and should you see a specialist? Swollen feet following heart surgery is a common symptom. It is usually not a cause for concern, but if the swelling doesn’t subside, or if it occurs with fever or a change in … Continue Reading

Milwaukee Workers' Compensation Foot Doctors

Podiatrists Treat Foot Injuries, Broken Ankles, and Auto Injuries for Compensation Claims Injured your foot or ankle at work? Advanced Foot and Ankle podiatrists have the experience and knowledge to help get you back on your feet and back to work within an appropriate time frame. Our highly specialized surgeons treat a wide range of workers&rsquo… Continue Reading

Keep Your Feet Safe and Healthy at the Gym

Don’t Let Foot Injuries Defeat Your Fitness Resolutions To start the new year on the right foot, make sure your feet are in tip-top shape so you can keep your resolution to get your whole body in shape! Foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Michael Kokat of Advanced Foot & Ankle offers tips for foot care at the gym.   Start new … Continue Reading

Got Gout? Holiday Season Triggers Painful Toes!

Got gout? If so, Dr. Timothy Henke, a foot and ankle surgeon with Advanced Foot and Ankle, has a recommendation for surviving the holidays and long winter: Watch what you eat and drink. Changes in diet, including overindulging in certain foods and beverages, can cause gout attacks this time of year. Causes of Gout Gout sufferers can’t metab… Continue Reading

7 Crucial Foot Care Tips for Diabetes Patients

Follow this Simple Checklist to ELIMINATE the Risk of Foot Complications from Diabetes Vigilant diabetes patients that follow a few simple foot care tips dramatically reduce their risk of toe, foot or leg amputations. People with diabetes mellitus are 10 times more likely to have a lower limb amputated than people without diabetes, according to th… Continue Reading

Charcot Foot: Identifying A Rare Diabetic Foot Condition

Rare Diabetes Foot Complication Becomes More Common in Milwaukee, Wisconsin As diabetes rates soar nationwide, a Milwaukee foot and ankle surgeon says he’s now seeing more patients with a rare, and very serious, diabetic foot complication.Charcot foot (pronounced SHAR-co) is an inflammatory syndrome affecting both the bones and soft tissues … Continue Reading



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