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Hundreds of patients throughout the Milwaukee area are now pain-free thanks to the expert care and treatment from our foot and ankle doctors at Advanced Foot & Ankle of Wisconsin. Our caring, experienced podiatrists provide only the best podiatry treatment for residents of southeastern Wisconsin. We offer billing support and financing options for our patients so you can focus on recovery.

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Foot and Ankle Doctor Review Milwaukee


"I love all the staff. They are all very kind and friend. Dr. Kokat is the best. Any problem that I have he has addressed. I will always have him as a podiatrist because he cares about his patients."

Five Star Review of Milwaukee Podiatrist Clinic


"Dr. Kokat is the best. I have not had an issue with my foot since surgery. I would send anyone to Advanced Foot and Ankle. He tried other options before doing surgery. Very caring Doctor."

Five Star Review of Milwaukee Podiatrist Clinic


"Dr. Kokat is an excellent doctor and anyone can trust in him. I had a great experience with him. Thank you Dr. Kokat."

Milwaukee Podiatrist Review Five Stars


"I have been seeing Dr. Kokat for approximately three months and have been extremely happy with his services. I had significant pain in both feet before seeing Doctor K and now I am pain free. I would strongly recommend Dr. K to any of my friends."

Five Star Review of Milwaukee Podiatrist Clinic


"Great service - doctors and staff. We also like being able to get in at the last minute. Very accomodating."

Good Review of Best Milwaukee Podiatrist


"Thank you all for your great customer service - from the front office to the CNA's. Dr. Sockrider - you are amazing. You did a wonderful job. I'm very impressed with your work. Ivan, you are the best and always make me laugh and smile. I can't say enough good things about the office and staff - I will highly recommend the office to all."

Milwaukee Foot Specialist Review


"I would like to say I always feel very comfortable at this facility with the doctors and the assistants. I would recommend people to come."

Foot and Ankle Doctor Review Milwaukee


"The staff is very helpful - made me very comfortable while in pain. Dr. Henke listened to my concerns, gave me all the options and worked with me."

Review of Milwaukee Foot Specialist


"Throughout my experience, Doctor Henke and his staff were efficient, informative and very friendly. I would definitely recommend them."

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I began seeing Dr. Nute in late 2012 for arthritis in my left foot. This stemmed from a car accident in 1991 and the pain had progressively got to the point that each step I took was painful or I could not walk at all. I was limited in what activities I could do and was no longer able to run and play with my children. I knew I needed to do something, so I finally went to a doctor. I had went to another clinic however that doctor did not seem sure about how to treat me, offering a very wishy washy explanation and treatment plan. None of this sat well with me, as I was not confident in the doctor or the care I would receive. I then found Dr. Nute and from my first appointment until now, he has always provided a thorough explanation of the issue and options to address it. He is always open to questions and wants to assure that I have all the information about the issue and how to address it. He is very skilled and knowledgeable in all that he does! I always have a clear understanding of the issue and how it will be addressed. I use to hate my feet, as due to the initial injury my left foot was misshaped and looked odd, so I would not wear sandals or shoes that showed my feet. My left foot is now straight and has an arch-after my initial surgery I was excited to show family and friends, often saying "look at that beautiful arch!" (life is about finding joy in the little things right!). I now wear sandals without concern about how my feet look!! I am able to play with my children and have mobility that was not possible prior to my initial surgery in 2013. I am now able to focus on my health and fitness, which was not possible prior and am currently in the best shape of my adult life and able to keep moving forward towards my goals. Dr. Nute is an amazing person with great skill and knowledge, that does all he can to help his patients!! He also has an great sense of humor and enjoys good jokes! I would highly recommend him to anyone with feet and ankle issues!!

- Angie

My experience with AFAW was a great experience. It was nice due to the fact that my big toenails on both feet were overly unbearable with pain. I must admit, I was like the biggest coward. So much so that the Dr. Jay Christensen had his Nurse come in and hold my hand, and as Dr. Christensen worked on pulling the toenails, they talked with me about different things. Mainly My 100 lb black lab that for some reason or another kept stepping on my darn toes which really didn't help with the pain.....Lol.... But my toes do feel much better after the treatment I received. So I'd like to give many many thanks to Dr. Jay Christensen and the very thoughtful nurse who held my hand through the whole thing. I won't go to anyone else.

Sincerely and Respectfully,
- Mary

- Mary

I was referred to Dr. Nute after a visit to urgent care thinking my foot had broken. After an x-ray showed no issues I went to Advanced Foot and Ankle of WI. It took Dr. Nute about 5 seconds with my foot to know exactly what the issue was. He was so relaxed and relatable it made it very easy to have a conversation about my treatment plan options. The staff was so helpful and efficient in keeping appointments on time. I would definitely recommend Advanced Foot and Ankle of WI.

- Brianna

Last year at 82 I had a tendon replaced in my ankle. Went to two other doctors who advised against the surgery before finding AFAW. I was in a wheelchair for months after the surgery, a boot and lots of PT. Today it is almost like new & you can't see the scar. Excellent doctor & hospital.

- Martha

I saw Dr. Henke for I guess, what I would call chronic ingrown toenails. I did see a previous doctor back in my home state of Massachusetts. Dr. Henke was nice, kind & very knowledgeable. He talked with me & made sure to work with me due to my anxiety. I actually just made another appointment with him today, so I will be seeing him shortly.

- Christal

I have worked in surgery for 28 years and had the opportunity to work with Dr. Nute. So when my foot health put my long standing hours in jeopardy, I knew he was the man to see. I felt immediately at ease. The Doctor is not rushed, an amazing listener, considers your life goal and your amount of pain or discomfort. He gives you real time options and action plans to see you to succeed in moving forward. I suggested Dr. Nute to my friend who had work done on both her feet this past year and is doing very well and happy with the outcome. The staff is very helpful, knowledgeable and ready to answer all your insurance questions. This is an awesome place to go for your foot and ankle health.

- Tomi

I was a former patient of your office and had to go to another foot doctor due to insurance. I am not happy with them as they botched a simple procedure resulting with me on Antibx and slow (due to diabetes) healing time. I came back to you for a second opinion and perhaps back as a patient in the coming months. The front office person was very helpful (even though I think it was lunch time), the medical assistant listened and asked pertinent questions and the doctor was upbeat as usual and very helpful. I didn't feel like I was next in an assembly line. I got my orthotics from you and will need some new ones soon. Yes I was very satisfied and felt valued as a patient at your facility.

- Mary Agnes

I was very pleased with Advanced Foot and Ankle. Very professional and cured my foot problem.

- Nancy

My experience as being a patient of Advanced Foot and Ankle of WI has been truly the best decision. I choose this particular office because of their claim to "actually help solve a foot problem when other podiatrist could not" and they have proven that to me. My case was extreme and difficult since having a planter fasciotomy surgery that left me damaged with a severed nerve in my foot along with extreme nerve pain and tendonitis from a different facility. I went to see Dr. Kokat as a second opinion and he never gave up on me. He was determined to listen and work with me in an attempt to try everything possible to help me and it has been successful. I still have another surgery that he will do and I am confident with his work and abilities knowing that this will be my last surgery.

- Christina

Hi! I have been a patient of Dr. Nute for about 7 years. He has done numerous surgeries trying to get rid of my foot and ankle pain. Other physicians have given up hope and they all wanted to amputate. Dr. Nute is the only doctor willing to try and save my leg. He is extremely caring and very knowledgeable. He's thought of doing procedures that nobody else would do. He's willing to sit and talk with me when I'm so frustrated and willing to give up. Recently I got a horrible infection in my surgical site. He immediately got me in to a very good infectious disease doctor who was afraid the infection would make me have to amputate. Dr. Nute always fits me in whenever I need to be seen. He answers all my questions and treats me like I'm his only patient of the day. I would never see any other ankle surgeon. In my opinion he is absolutely the best! Every doctor should be like him.

- Lisa